Rabbit Folly is a creative brand looking to capture the chimerical imagination of youth and elicit a feeling of finding a long lost piece to a puzzle that was left unfinished. Whatever that puzzle was, Rabbit Folly searches for your precious memory forgotten about in those old item-find books and brings it before you once more…


Folli the rabbit (a white rabbit in pierrot attire)


The enigmatic ringleader of the circus, Folli can be seen most often charming seemingly inanimate objects into dance with their silver flute. All members of the troupe and audience give Folli their most undivided attention.


Kandy the unicorn (a white unicorn with a pink-blue gradient mane and tail)


A narcissistic unicorn with a mane reminiscent of cotton candy. Kandy is a diva on and off stage. However, a stern whip from Folli is enough to keep him in place.


Wyvern the wyvern (a blue wyvern wearing a jester hat and draped in pennants)


A wyvern whose job is to entice the audience to the spectacle. Wyvern isn't very good at doing anything else than making a racket.


bunbun the artist

Bunbun is the creative force behind Rabbit Folly and runs the souvenir stands. When she isn't packing up the circus to showcase at conventions across the country, she can be found painting, tending to her plants, or enjoying nature.